Today's Challenge

From one end of the room to the other – Push Up Low Hops!  Come on AKA!

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GUP Brown Belt Testing for Brown-Red

This curriculum is for Youth/Adult BROWN BELT 4th GUP students testing for BROWN-RED BELT 3rd GUP:

Basics/Korean – Print PDF document below
Forms (Video) – Pyung Ahn Sa Dan
Weapons (Video) – Bong Hyung Il Bu
One Steps (Video Hands and Feet) – 13-14
Self-Defense/Ho Sin Sul (Video) – 13-14

Although we have videos for Forms, One-Steps, and Self-Defense, these videos are not substitute for attending classes – Attend classes regularly, and also DO NOT forget to download and print the PDF document below for reference at home, and also DO PRACTICE at home.

Additional Downloads